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The owner of this business, Thor Johnsen has a civil judgement against him for over $1000 for his deceptive and misleading advertising practice and breach of contract. He has not paid this court judgement and is in default and subject to arrest. To date, 11/16/2008 he has ignored the court.

I repeat, DO NOT trust him nor buy from this company or any of his susidiaries including Viking Enterprises. He has many complaints against him at the Better Business Bureau for similar things. Dont let this happen to you!

He agreed to refund my money then kept delaying until the 60 day credit card complaint period ended and then he said he wouldnt. Hes a snake...be careful. He has disregarded me and the court that ordered him to pay a judgement.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Canoga Park, California, United States #871851

As most of you who have seen this complaints.com reports from this individual please notice that has reported the same duplicate report over and over about every two weeks making it seem like our company and my self as an individual has multiple different reports. We need to get the facts straight as this person has decided to go after a personal vendetta way beyond any normal customer service or expiations form a customer and business transaction and product order.

Ken Alden ordered a custom made column that we have to make specifically to their specifications to the faux finish, color and texture they desire.

This order was proceed on 11/08/2006 two years ago. We do not manufacture or make any of these statues until they are ordered by the client and is custom art. The product this person ordered was an ionic angel column that was hand pained by our artists with our classic marble gray-white finish. We proceeded to make his piece and ship it to him as directed.

Just for the record, this statue column sells for $278.00 plus shipping to the customers location for a cost of $64.80 and a total of $342.80. This amount please keep in mine as we explain the circumstances of this transaction is the original amount for making and shipping the order.

When the statue arrived, Ken Alden said it was an inch shorter than it was suppose to be as our statues are measured and each piece may vary a slight amount on dinning table height pieces that range from 30-32". Apparently this was a major problem for Ken and he couldn't accept this column being an inch short!!

We agreed to have our craftsmen add more height to the column which required us to have him return the item, have it fabricated, re-finished in the raised area and then ship it back to him. We requested at that time that he must pack the statue as it came, very carefully as these columns are very fragile and it must be bubble rapped and double boxed to protect the piece.

Well he sent the column back in a single box with barely any packing material and the column was busted in several pieces and totally destroyed.

When we contacted him in regards to the piece being destroyed he couldn't care less and just wanted us to send another one or his money back. We informed him that we cannot refund money on goods returned damaged or destroyed but would check with FedEx as we insure everything that is shipped out and would send him the funds once they paid the claim. Well, FedEx proceeded to come out and inspect the packaging and the broken statue and told us that they cannot pay for clams when the product was packed improperly with no care what so ever. Also at this point this individual was not taking any responsibility for his actions and proceeded to call our office constantly leaving derogatory and threatening messages, insulting our receptionist with foul mouth language which she documented and became very disturbed.

This guy pushed the limits of anyones nerves including the clams personal at Fed Ex which were discussed him with his actions and unruly behavior.

This now became his personal vendetta to spend as much time and effort to demonize myself and our company and cause as much continual drama as possible. At this point it was a matter of principal to stay with our policies as a result of his belligerent behavior. He decided to take it to court in Massachusetts where he lives and sue over the discrepancies. Laws are different in every state as in California where I live you cannot sue anyone in small clams court from out of state as I tried and was going to counter sue.

We have all the records of this situation including reports from Fed ex as evidence of this guys actions. In any case I contacted an attorney in his are of Massachusetts and he said that he would need about $3500.00 to defend the case and knew he could win and that I would not have to show up in court as he would represent me. Well great, I would have to pay this amount to fight the case myself, pay for a flight out there from LA plus expenses totaling about that much now way beyond the $342.80 for the cost and shipping of the item. What would you do?

I don't have deep pockets to justify this situation even to just make a point and what a huge waste of time an money, it just didn't make since. I made numerous phone calls to the court sending correspondence explaining the situation and what this person was trying to do. The attorney said it would not be worth the money to defend this case or fly across the country and at his point nothing could be done and he would just get a judgment. Well he did and also was awarded 3 time the amount adding up to over $1,000.00.

This entire situation has been way beyond what most small companies can do to try and satisfy a customer and now has become Ken Alden's personal vendetta and lifes ambition. It's also interesting that he can get away with the slander and name calling and false information in his report.

I refuse to waste any more time on this guy and I'm not subject to arrest in Canoga Park as I have checked with local authorities and this is not the case. This is a civil judgment and he knows there is no validity in his statements.

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